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LDAR Envolve data underpins major emissions report
Dr Gavin Smith
LDAR Envolve has just made a major contribution to a newly released report on Methane emissions from oil and gas systems in Europe..
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LDAR Envolve's work at Sabic UK
wins prestigious NEPIC environmental award
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Sabic UK's LDAR program has recently won the coveted Industrial Environmental Award at the 2012 NEPIC ceremony. The submission, outlined the work of LDAR Envolve on site and the benefits of gas detection camera technology..
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Chevron's revolution in emission reduction
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Chevron is one of the world's leading integrated energy companies In one of their key refineries in California, a revolution in the methods used to prevent leaks has led to startling results in magnitude and frequency of emissions on site..
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Finger Saver: safety for your fingers
The Fingersaver Introducing the Fingersaver from LDAR Envolve, designed to prevent finger injuries during Flange Joint Assembly..
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LDAR Envolve appoints new Managing Director
Dr Gavin Smith Dr Gavin Smith has been appointed as the new Managing Director of LDAR Envolve...
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LDAR Envolve launches auditing service
LDAR Envolve audit service The LDAR Envolve auditing service provides an independent evaluation of a site LDAR program to ensure that is effectively implemented and maintained..
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Pioneering gas detection technology
Pioneering Leak detection technology LDAR Envolve, the UKs leading emission control company, is pleased to announce that it has increased its service capability with investment in a Gas Detection Camera..
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