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LDAR Envolve is a UK based provider of environmental and safety products and services with over 10 years experience in implementing and managing leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs at many of the major petrochemical and chemical companies in the UK.
Our LDAR environmental programs are designed to ensure that our clients reduce their environmental impact by minimising the release of airborne pollution and contaminants. A successfully implemented LDAR scheme not only ensures compliance with environmental legislation, but has financial consequences too - it reduces the amount of product lost to the atmosphere.
We are committed to ensuring our work exceeds the expectations of our customers. We meet this commitment by building partnerships and working with customers to deliver long term environmental impact. The company has a 100% safety record and we always ensures our work is in compliance with site regulations. Our customers can be confident that they have a capable, safety-focused contractor with well trained and committed personnel on the job.
We have a strong reputation for expertise and knowledge in the field of environmental monitoring. This expertise not only enables us to tailor LDAR programs to suit individual site needs but also extends to a training and auditing service for those customers who wish to implement their own LDAR program. Through this service we provide the necessary theoretical and practical know-how for a client to run their own program and verify the process independently.
LDAR Envolve continue to invest in pioneering technology, including the leak detection camera, which has revolutionised the way emissions can be targeted. In a complex, petrochemical facility there may be many thousand potential leaks paths; our leak detection camera allows the user to examine many of these potential leak sources in a short time and at distance.
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