FLIR GF series leak detection cameras
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FLIR Optical Gas Imaging Cameras
LDAR Envolve is a distributor and service provider of FLIR GF Series Optical Imaging Cameras. The FLIR GF Series cameras use infrared technology to visualise leak leaks.
The camera produces a full picture of the scanned area with leaks appearing as smoke on camera’s viewfinder or LCD, allowing fugitive emissions to be identified. The image can be recorded for easy archiving.
In a complex petrochemical facility there may be many thousand potential leak paths. A leak detection camera allows the user to examine many potential leak sources in a short time and from a distance.
The majority of leaks occur in only a small number of components. The camera allows these leaks to be detected without the need to monitor the whole plant. This means you can save both on time and cost of personnel.
A further advantage is that the instrument can also identify leaks in hard-to-access locations.
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