Developed in conjunction with a major chemical company
Allows easy storage and analysis of data
Site data can be correlated to plant leakage
Produces work schedules for shutdowns
Client system or cloud based
EMD Software
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The LDAR Envolve EMD (Emission Management Database) software system is designed to better manage the administration of an LDAR program by simplifying and automating the storage, analysis and reporting functions.
The cornerstone of a successful LDAR program is the data management system.
EMD software has been developed in conjunction with our clients to ensure that data collected during the montoring phase can be safely stored and easily analysed, allowing repair work to be structured and ensuringcompliance with local and international legislation.
Users can correlate site data to plant leakage and generate reports for a wide range of scenarios.
The database can be stored on the clients systems or data storage can be cloud based, in this case users are given codes to access their data from our system.
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