Cost effective method for major emission reduction
Plant emissions screened in accordance to Method 21
Compliance with environmental legislation
Improvements in process efficiency
Increased levels of plant safety
Major savings in the
reduction of product loss
Application of Best Available Technology (BAT)
Independent reporting for environmental compliance
The most effective method of controlling fugitive emissions is by the implementation of a structured leak detection and repair program.
LDAR Envolve environmental solutions are designed to ensure that our clients reduce their environmental impact by minimizing the release of airborne pollution and contaminants. Through a structured program of identifying the source of emissions and then taking action to eliminate or minimize it, major client gains can be made.
Excellent financial payback will be seen by a reduction in lost product that would have been otherwise lost to the environment. The result is a safer, more healthier working environment for workers and a business shown to be taking proactive community decisions.
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