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Dr Gavin Smith has been appointed as the new Managing Director of LDAR Envolve. Announcing the appointment, LDAR Envolve CEO Simon Winfield said “I am delighted to welcome Gavin full time to the LDAR Envolve team.
I have worked with Gavin over a number of years and am confident that his wealth of experience in sealing technology and leak detection and repair will enable us to continue our growth and consolidate our position as the market leading emission control company in the UK"
LDAR Envolve is a supplier of Leak Detection and Repair programs and environmental and safety products. The company has seen accelerated growth over the past two years and is looking to develop its business both in the UK and internationally over the next few years. It recently invested in a gas detection camera to place it at the forefront of leak detection technology.
Dr Smith was formerly Technical director of Novus Sealing Limited and was instrumental in developing the brand worldwide and building a reputation of technical excellence for the company. He has worked on a consultative basis for LDAR Envolve for over ten years and was integral to the development of the EMD software. In 2003 he co-wrote “Understanding and control of fugitive emissions” with Dr Kevin McQuillan, a well-received paper on the methodology of leak prevention at Sabic, UK.
Dr Smith received a first class honours degree in Material Science from the University of Manchester and Doctorate in Alloy Corrosion from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.
For futher information, please contact LDAR Envolve at: enquiries@LDAREnvolve.com
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LDAR Envolve appoints new Managing Director
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