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LDAR Envolve, the UKs leading emission control company, is pleased to announce that it has increased its service capability with investment in a Gas Detection Camera.
The camera allows the user to examine many potential leak sources in a short time and from a distance. Since the majority of leaks occur in only a small number of components, these leaks to be detected without the need to monitor the whole plant, resulting in large savings in both time and personnel.
Leak detection cameras use infrared technology to visualise leak leaks. The camera produces a full picture of the scanned area with leaks appearing as smoke on camera’s viewfinder or LCD, allowing fugitive emissions to be identified. The image can be recorded for easy archiving. To see the camera in action click here ..>>
For futher information on the Gas Detection Camera, or to arrange a trial, please contact LDAR Envolve at: enquiries@LDAREnvolve.com
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