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  Sabic UK's LDAR program has recently won the coveted Industrial Environmental Award at the 2012 NEPIC ceremony. The submission, entitled "Reduction of Fugitive Emissions to Air", outlined the work of LDAR Envolve on site and the benefits that have been realised through implementation of gas detection camera technology.
SABIC UK’s Petrochemical operations have had a fugitive emission program in place for many years. The program has developed significantly over the years to incorporate more components, surveyed more frequently and with reducing action levels for repairs. LDAR Envolve and Sabic work together to investigate new and innovative ways of managing the program and have previously benefited from networking with plants in the USA, Australia and Scotland to apply best practice to their facilities in the UK.
The gas detection camera was introduced two years ago to improve the efficiency of the program. The technology utilises infra-red, tuned to a specific frequency, to “visualize” and record the emissions. The camera complements the existing monitoring programs; and through efficiency gains allows more plant areas to be surveyed more frequently. An additional benefit has been that difficult to access areas are now monitored remotely as the camera has a range of up to 50m. This allows any components to be safely monitored without the need for access and scaffolding arrangements to be constructed.
But the real power of the camera is that it allows the leak to be seen; this in turns gives the maintenance team the ability to focus on the problem and carry out the repair promptly.
The gas detection work of LDAR Envolve at Sabic UK has been recognised by the regulators as best practice and they are sharing this with other manufacturers across Europe through the revision of the Best Available Techniques Guidance Documents. During a recent SABIC Corporate Audit, the work was identified as best practice to be shared amongst all other SABIC sites throughout the world.
For more information on the work conducted by LDAR Envolve at Sabic or on the use of the Gas Detection Camera please contact LDAR Envolve: enquiries@LDAREnvolve.com
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LDAR Envolve's work at Sabic UK wins prestigious NEPIC Environmental Award
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