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LDAR Envolve strives to improve the safety of the workplace by providing a range of services and products designed to prevent harm to employees.
Our services are aimed containing leaks from process equipment. Leaks compromise the safety of a plant and it is of vital importance that they are prevented; to do so requires a detailed understanding of the interaction between seal design, selection and assembly.
LDAR Envolve engineering staff have the experience and knowledge to solve even the most problematic of sealing problems worldwide.
Our Safety products are designed to prevent injury on site. We supply a range of tools which have a proven track record in improving the safety of the workplace. These include the The Fingersaver, which prevents injuries to fingers during flange assembly; the Hose and Cable Tidy which helps to keep the work area tidy; and the Tool Safety Lanyard designed to prevent tools from falling to the ground when working at height.
Our aim is to help ensure a safe working environment for all.
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