Leaks from process plants can harm the health of plant workers and the general public. In order to prevent leaks, it is vital to understand the interaction between seal design, selection and assembly and this requires knowledge and experience.
Problem Solving
Raised indentations were
found on the Shell-to-
Tubesheet gasket

(pictured above).
The average thickness of the
gasket that was removed is
shown in the picture above
(far right).
All detailed analysis and
findings are then reported
to the client and centrally
logged in our applications
and solutions database
and history archive.
As an example, the E552
(pictured top right),
prior to decommissioning can
be seen with a very visible leak
at the 7 o’clock position from
the bonnet end.
The picture (above left) shows
the tube sheet gasket face
after it has been rebuilt.
The picture (above centre)
shows the corresponding
gasket face
of the shell flange
found to be in good working
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dealt with in an in-depth
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